Our clients think big and so do we.


We’re pragmatic futurist thinkers who will always help our clients understand and plan for a future of possibility.

Blackwillow is made up of a loose-knit network of big thinkers and doers, people who are passionate about helping clients become the best version of themselves.

Our network is a cross-section of people from a diverse variety of backgrounds. We’re skateboarders, developers, musicians, economists, meditation teachers, artists, talent facilitators, philosophers, management strategists, entrepreneurs and data scientists.

Combined, we’re a group of future-oriented thinkers, whose broad collective thoughts (when brought together with a leadership team) can provide clear perspectives on the future.

We informally think of ourselves as The Merry Pranksters of Management Consulting.

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Meet the Team Leaders

Bruce Cuthbertson | Leadership and Strategy


Bruce spent most of his career as a behind-the-scenes brain trust and sounding board to leaders (from executives at large firms to politicians and philanthropists to foreign governments), helping solve their most difficult problems around identity, core values, strategy, futurist thinking and growth modeling.

He’s a high-level intuitive strategist who can recognize blind spots and gaps and help leaders see markets, opportunities, threats and possible futures with more clarity as they develop strategic plans. He also spent time at a Buddhist monastery. He’s written extensively on strategy and visionary leadership.


Sam McAfee | Digital Transformation


As a Silicon Valley veteran of 20 years, Sam McAfee has led many companies through digital transformation and development, often wearing the chief technologist hat.

Sam has helped companies build and scale new digital products, find product-market fit, and build and improve product development capabilities. He takes development from initial idea iteration all the way through final product development and release.

He developed a structured framework that combines the best practices of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile development into one seamless approach. Plus, he literally wrote the book on startup patterns, documenting what works and what doesn't.


Craig A. DeLarge | Healthcare and Pharma


Craig is a digital healthcare strategist and executive. He has held a number of healthcare marketing and digital health roles throughout his career with Takeda Pharma, Merck, Novo Nordisk, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, and IMS Health (now IQVIA).

His core expertise covers digital health, digital transformation, change management, marketing, and customer and business development. He has taught strategy, marketing and change leadership at Philadelphia University, St. Joseph’s University, Chestnut Hill College, Drexel University, and Penn State Great Valley. 


David Wallace | Brand and Content


David has been developing content and brand initiatives for more than 20 years. He helps innovative companies develop identity and communication strategy for both internal and external objectives, often helping sharpen the message with the target audience, all with a focus on achieving client objectives. He works with both the strategy and digital transformation team leaders to help align client objectives with their brand and identity. Previously, he’s been a business reporter with Reuters, The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and an adjunct at Emerson College and Boston University.



Mohamed-Aly Arafa | Corporate Finance


Mohamed-Aly is a seasoned investment and sales professional with more than 14 years of experience. Mohamed-Aly managed equity funds, and portfolios, and worked on numerous investment banking transactions. A dual-citizen fluent in three languages, he focuses on creating value for clients and maintaining long lasting business relationships.

Jordan Cooper | Vision & Partnerships


Jordan Cooper is the host of Makin’ It Radio on KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM in the Bay Area and Public Interest Podcast. He’s also the author of Perspectives on the Public Interest, a collection of interviews with Pulitzer & Nobel Prize laureates, politicians, cabinet members, economists, ambassadors, UN human rights leaders, civil rights leaders, and business leaders. He was previously elected to public office in Maryland.