Interim Leadership (CSO, CIO, CTO, CBO)

Expert leadership in strategy, innovation, technology and brand

What it is: Interim C-level officers and executives

  • Chief Strategy Officer

  • Chief Innovation Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Chief Brand Officer

Purpose: To complement the leadership team or Board of Directors on a short-term basis, especially preceding and during implementation of a new strategy, M&A or new technology integration.

Who this package is for: Firms that need specialized expertise on the leadership team for the short term or as part of a transition to a long-term change in the organization.

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The Rapid Strategy Kit

In strategy, speed is more important than perfection

What it is: 30 to 90 day strategy.

1. Articulation of problem.
2. Quick analysis of necessary parts, as needed: market, ecosystem, leadership, internal systems, external channels/partners, culture, identity, brand, values and service/product offerings.
3. Identify lever (solution).
4. Rapid execution plan.

Purpose: To develop a focused strategy that solves a real problem within a tight timeframe.

Who this package is for: Executives who need immediate results without getting bogged down in analysis.

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Digital Transformation/Digital Integration

Make digital integration transformational, not stagnant or duplicative

What it is: 30-day development of a digital transformation strategy

Purpose: To make a transformational shift in the firm’s digital strategy, with a focus on tangible value-adding objectives. In short, create a digital strategy that improves the bottom line of the organization.

Who this package is for: Senior executives (CEO, CTO, CSO, CIO) who are tasked with executing a digital makeover.

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Pop-up Incubator

Be the disruptor in your market.

What it is: Create a short-term incubator with internal team leaders to develop digital tools or products using Lean and Agile development methods. Iterate on 300 ideas in 30 days and exit with a viable product within 60 days.

Purpose: To develop minimum viable product (MVP) with cost-sensitive investment in fast time-frame.

Who is this package for: Executives and managers who need to develop a new product or digital application within a quick timeframe.

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Brand Assessment

Corporate DNA kit

What it is: Rapid analysis of identity and brand perception with stakeholders (customers, partners, leadership team, board, employees).

Get answers: Why do your most loyal customers buy your products? What motivates your employees and attracts the best talent? What positions you in the market and is the underlying driving force to your business strategy?

Purpose: To determine what your firm represents, what it really sells and what its value proposition is.

Who this package is for: Senior executives who need to discover inconsistencies in their brand in order to align the firm’s practices and products with its identity. Be true to yourself.

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AI Strategic Analytics and Customer Insights (

Learn what customers want today. Predict what they'll want tomorrow. Create products and campaigns they’ll love.

What it is: Automated customer insight and analytics AI system

Purpose: To conduct rapid, cost-effective analysis for strategic decision making.

Who this package is for: Senior executives and line-of-business managers

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